Friday, July 26, 2013

How To Get The Girl | IGNORE And SCORE: Dating Mindsets Explained

How To Get The Girl | IGNORE And SCORE: Dating Mindsets Explained

Getting the girl isn’t just a Hollywood fantasy; attracting beautiful women isn’t the sole domain of the super rich, the super hunk, or the outrageously gifted. Attracting and dating beautiful women isn’t about magic and pickup lines, it’s about your mindsets, basic human insights, and a little female psychology.

This book outlines the FOUR FOUNDATIONS of successful dating: Attraction, Rapport, Leading, and Escalation.

ATTRACTION is about tension and her emotional response to you.

RAPPORT is about intimacy and her emotional connection with you.

LEADING is about challenging your fears and taking action while communicating sincerity through your actions.

ESCALATION is about consistently increasing the intensity of your relationship via attraction and rapport so that it goes where ever you want it to go.

When you learn how to inspire ATTRACTION and RAPPORT in a woman through your actions of LEADING and ESCALATION, you’ll create a compelling chemistry between you and her that most men will NEVER achieve.

– What’s the best way to avoid the “friend zone”?
– Why do some women resist guys they’re REALLY into? And how can you tell the difference?
– How can you remove the fear of rejection when approaching a woman?
– What are 5 easy ways to make a woman feel at ease and comfortable with you?
– What are 6 powerful ways to prevent yourself from feeling jealous?
– What are 14 ways she is trying to tell you she’s into you that most guys miss?
– When is the right time to kiss her?
– What are 5 things you should do or say when in bed with a woman?!
– Etc, etc, etc…

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