Friday, July 19, 2013

How To Kiss A Woman After Meeting Her For The First Time

Most men want to know how to kiss a woman. You need to ensure that the girl wants to get romantic with you before you initiate that first kiss.

1. Gently stroke the hair of this woman and see how she responds.

2. Hold one of her hand or both of them and gently squeeze them.

3. Slowly brush her arm looking into her eyes.

Measure her responses to your moves. If she responds positively to two of those then you know she is ready to be kissed by you. Don’t worry if she does not squeeze your hand back or doesn’t brush your arm. She is ready to be kissed as long as she does not ask you to stop or walk away from you.

Once you have tested that she is ok to be kissed.

1. Step slowly towards her or pull her close.

2. Look in her eyes.

3. Lean forward.

4. Kiss her on the lips.

It is a good idea to start with a peck on her lips and follow it up with a longer kiss if she does not object.

There is no need to pull back after you kiss her the first time. You could stay in the kiss position, take another look in her eyes and go for the long kiss.

It is possible that the woman may pull back when you go for the kiss even if she complied with all you tests. Don’t assume she does not like you or don’t want you to kiss her because she pulled back.

It just means that she did not see the kiss coming. She was a little surprised when you went for the kiss. It could be bad timing or maybe you did not relay your intentions strong enough before you went for the kiss.

If you do the above three tests it will reduce the chances of a girl not knowing your intentions.

If the woman does not want you to kiss her again she will tell you or walk away from you. If she does neither of those and continues to stay and participate you can conclude that she wants to be kissed by you and wasn’t ready the first time.

Test her comfort again by running the above three tests one more time.

If she does not object to any of your touches you can go in for the kiss again and it will happen this time.

Few additional tips:

 Make sure to use some breath fresheners or mint before you kiss the girl.

. Don’t start professing your love to the girl right after you kiss her. It is too early in the game.

. It is always a good idea to shave before the kiss else you will scratch her face.

. Don’t try to kiss her in front of her friends when you kiss her the first time.

. Don’t get upset if she rejects you. Don’t try to convince her or argue with her.

. You can make things a bit more romantic by holding her hands or hold her on the hips when kissing. You could also whisper something in her ears between breaks from kissing. Try playing with her hair. Most girls love it. Whisper and go back for another kiss. Make it a long one this time.

. Try not to wait for the end of the night or for the goodbye moment to initiate the first kiss. It is too cliche`d.

. Don’t get all awkward after you kiss hey. Don’t go all sexual either unless you are absolutely sure that she would be ok with it. You do not want to make things awkward or ruin the moment by coming across as uncomfortable or desperate.

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