Monday, July 22, 2013

Men, Women and Love

Men, Women and Love

He loves, she loves, but sometimes when they both love too much or too little or love others instead of one another all hell breaks loose! What are the secrets to getting together and staying in love? Who or what are the biggest threats to love? This helpful how-to book presents a close-up glimpse at:

1. Looking For Love
2. Snips & Snails, Sugar & Spice
3. Falling in Love
4. The Color of Love
5. Secrets of a Hot Kiss
6. Do Love Spells Really Work?
7. Third Party Intruders
8. Setting the Stage for Love
9. Love and Lies
10. It’s An Emotional Thing!
11. The Best Aphrodisiacs
12. Dressing for Love
13. The Chase Is On!
14. Say This, Not That!
15. Men, Women and Money
16. Staying in Love
17. Saying Goodbye to Love

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